Jump on the blocks to stay alive.
How long can you survive?


Jump Game is the new addictive twist on the endless runner/jumping genre. It’s fast and difficult to master and the challenge continues to ramp up the better you get.


Simple controls – tap anywhere on the screen to jump, tap and hold to jump higher


Endlessly scrolling random blocks with no two games the same. Endless levels that continuously add new challenges

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4 difficulty modes ranging from fat blocks with low points bonuses to skinny blocks with high points bonuses. Can you handle “Insane” mode?


Available on both iPhone and iPad. The iPad version has a bigger canvas which includes animated blocks


Blue, purple and pink colour themes are available via in-app purchase with more to come


Please contact us if you require support, have feature suggestions or bugs to report.  Use the form below or email us direct at support@thejumpgame.com

 Built with Corona SDK